Info material

Here you can download all publications and information material of our European campaign Clean Heat. 

Thanks of the support of our NGO partners in other Member States, some publications are already available in additional languages and the content is partly adapted to the country specific situation.

If you have any questions concerning the content, please contact us.

Residential wood burning – environmental impact and sustainable solutions (created by DUH)

Wood burning is a two-edged sword: If wood is used in appliances that emit a comparatively low level of particulate matter such as other heat sources, it can contribute to the transition towards renewables in the heating sector. However, residential wood burning in stoves and boilers produces substantial amounts of health and climate-damaging particles. This background paper shall give an overview on the environmental impact of wood burning and provides solution approaches.



Leaflet: Pollution from residential burning (created by DEC)

Residential burning in small stoves and boilers is a dominating source of many toxic air pollutants. Our leaflet summarises the most relevant background information on health and environmental effects of residential (wood) burning. 

German version (translated by DUH)

English version (DEC)

Danish Version (DEC)

Hungarian Version (translated by Clean Air Action Group Hungary)

Czech Version (translated by Centrum)

Polish Version (translated by Frank Bold)

French Version

Slovenian Version (translated by Fokus)

Pollution from residential burning - Danish experience in an international perspective (created by DEC)

Leaflet: Stoves and the like (created by DUH)

This leaflet includes useful tips for consumers, for example how to operate a stove as clean as possible.

German version (DUH)

English version (DUH)

Hungarian version (translated by Clean Air Action Group Hungary)

Bulgarian version (translated by Za Zemiata)

Poster presentations at ETH conference 'Combustion-Generated Nanoparticles'

Clean Heat has presented several scientific posters at the ETH conference on "Combustion-Generated Nanoparticles" in Zurich.

Layman´s Report

Clean Heat was co-financed by the EU LIFE programme from autumn 2015 until end of 2019. The main results of Clean Heat are summarized in our report for citizens (Layman's Report):