07/2018 - Update
Poster presentations (ETH conference) available

03/2018 - Publication
Brochure 'Pollution form residential burning' now available in Hungarian

02/2018 - Event
Clean Heat at 21st European Forum on Eco-innovation in Sofia: video and summary

09/2017 - Information
How to burn right with a firewood stove

05/2017 - External Publication
Policy Brief 'Black Carbon in Europe" by IASS

Wood burning: sustainable and clean?

As a renewable fuel, wood can be a good alternative to heating with oil, gas and coal. But stoves and boilers have to become substantially cleaner. In Europe, residential burning is the biggest source of harmful substances such as particulate matter and soot. Especially stoves and other single-room appliances are often operated improperly and wood is frequently used in a very inefficient way. Therefore, they contribute disproportionately to overall emissions.

Which stoves are low-emission and how does clean heat look like?

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Environmental Action Germany (DUH) and Danish Ecological Council are fighting for less pollution due to residential wood burning. But only 60% of our activities are co-financed by the EU. With your contribution we can do more for cleaner air in Europe!

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Climate friendly?

Most people think residential wood burning is CO2 neutral.

What everyone can do

Choosing a low emission stove or another eco-friendly heat source helps to reduce fine particle emissions.

Clean air policies

Politicians and authorities play an important role to contribute to better air quality reduce the impact of wood burning.